U5-U6, 3 V 3 Format

Our Club plays our U6 age groups as 3 v 3 games.  This means we form our teams smaller with 5-6 players per team.  We do this because we are a small club, and it allows us to form more teams so that these young kids can play all of their games locally instead of traveling.

Sometimes during the game, one team will be more skilled than the other team because they may be a year older or they have played the season prior.  We encourage coaches to be flexible in these instances; the stronger team can instruct players to pass more, limit players to a few touches, or any number of creative techniques.  Coaches and parents should encourage players to try their best and not focus their expectations on winning, but instead focus on skill development and fun.  This is why we do not keep score in these divisions.

Below are a few coaching lesson plans from the US Youth Soccer National Youth Certificate Course that you may find helpful.  Go into practice with a plan – but remain flexible.

3 V 3 Standards of Play

U6 Dribbling Drills & Games

U6 Balance and Coordination Drills & Games

U6 Coordination Movement Drills & Games

U8 Pairs Activities Drills & Games

U8 Passing Drills & Games

We suggest all U6/U8 coaches take the 4 V 4 grassroots course offered by US Soccer. All courses can be accessed through the Digital Coaching Center by clicking here.  This link will take you to the schedule for 4 V 4 in-person classes in Oklahoma, as well as some online courses. The Digital Coaching Center also has some great resources for coaches at all levels. Check back often – more courses are added throughout the year.