U9-U10, 7 V 7 Format

The U10 age division is played as 7 V 7 – six field players and one goal keeper.  Understanding and coaching U10 can be complicated with all of the new rules and the addition of the blue build out line and the enforcement of the offside rule.  Below are some resources that may help you understand the purpose and reason behind the build out line and an excellent description of the offside rule from Soccer For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Thomas Dunmore and Scott Murray.

7 v 7 U10 Standards of Play

What is the Offside Rule in Soccer?

Laws of the Game Specific for U10

ORL Policies and Procedures (These are OSA’s rules that all clubs must follow – effective Fall 2018.)

Below are a few coaching lesson plans from the US Youth Soccer National Youth Certificate Course that you may find helpful.

U10 Possession Drills & Games

U10 Receiving Lofted Balls Drills & Games

Click here for a good article with instruction on playing with and penetrating the build out line.

We suggest all U10 coaches take the 7 V 7 grassroots course offered by US Soccer. All courses can be accessed through the Digital Coaching Center by clicking here.  This link will take you to the schedule for 7 V 7 in-person classes in Oklahoma, as well as some online courses. The Digital Coaching Center also has some great resources for coaches at all levels. Check back often – more courses are added throughout the year.