U19, 7 V 7 Format

OSA created a new bracket for U19 teams that allows smaller teams to compete with each other.  Rules are modified from the standard rules for teams this age.  Games are played on U12 sized fields.

The maximum number of players on the field per team at any one time is seven, one of which is the goal keeper.

The maximum number of players on a roster shall not exceed 12.

The minimum number of players to start a match is five.

Coed teams playing in a coed league must always have at least two female players on the field not including the goal keeper.

Games are played as two, 30 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.

A goal kick taken by any player or any ball played by the goal keeper from within his or her own penalty area – from the hands or the feet (thrown, kicked, punted or drop-kicked), may not cross the half way line without first touching the ground or any other player.  If this happens, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opponents on the half way line at the point where the ball crossed.